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COMPANY LAUNCH Advanced Cell Engineering - the new battery cell technology company

From Nicole Kareta

Advanced Cell Engineering (ACE) has been formed to develop, market and license next-generation battery cell technology for electric vehicle batteries and grid-level energy storage. The new company is uniquely positioned to accelerate the clean energy future with its advanced LFP and LM:FP battery cell chemistries which offer considerably higher energy density in a safe, cost effective battery cell.

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The new company ACE has developed high energy density LFP and LM:FP battery cell chemistry.
The new company ACE has developed high energy density LFP and LM:FP battery cell chemistry.
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Cells using ACE chemistries can be produced on standard manufacturing equipment, which means existing factories can easily be converted to the new technology. The firm has 3 patents pending and is in active discussions with potential customers for licensing and commercial deployment.
ACE is led by John Kaufman, renowned battery veteran and former Chief Executive of International Battery. In addition to Mr. Kaufman, long-time Sony battery executive Masayuki Yasuda has joined the company as Chief Operating Officer.

“LFP and LM:FP are the future of electric vehicle battery technology. For decades, the goal for all battery cell companies has been a high energy density cell that is safe and affordable. ACE has that technology and is ready to enter the market now,” said John Kaufman, CEO of ACE. “With ACE’s platform, EV owners will benefit from the unmatched safety of LFP chemistry without any compromise in vehicle range. We’re thrilled to be bringing this significant technology advancement to market.”

Located in North America, ACE is well-positioned to become part of a secure and clean supply chain serving the booming EV industry. Its headquarters is located in Stuart, Florida, where it will also have a research lab and pilot production facility.

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