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Sep 22, 2021

How to reduce design iterations and time to market while greatly increasing reliability

Featured by EEtimes: Designing a reliable electronic system with minimum iterations is essential. Learn how Altair® PollEx™ uses Simulation to improve PCB layouts earlier, quickly identify errors, and build a robust design before production.

No matter the product or system, reliability is almost always a top priority. Though pre-existing ECAD systems haven’t really had a complete toolset that cover these kinds of protections, Altair has delivered a physics-based analysis platform that links both the ECAD and MCAD worlds, providing solutions to ensure timing, performance, compliance, and, of course, reliability at the PCB level. PollEx offers a variety of services spanning PCB verification, thermal assessment, design for manufacturing (DFM) checks, several kinds of advanced electrical and mechanical simulations, and detailed performance analysis, while integrating with several industry-standard ECAD design suites and their file types. The result is a complete integrated PCB system verification and simulation environment that helps to quickly identify errors and build a more robust, upfront design before production.