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AC/DC ENABLER Amber Solutions comes closer to realising the digital control of electricity

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Amber Solutions, a Silicon Valley company that recently made headlines for its AC/DC enabler and AC switch that makes possible the digital control of electricity in solid-state architecture, claims that it is moving closer to achieving complete digital control.

Amber Solutions’ Amber AC/DC EnablerTM and Amber AC SwitchTM.
Amber Solutions’ Amber AC/DC EnablerTM and Amber AC SwitchTM.
(Source: Amber Solutions)

In April, Amber Solutions, a developer of hyper-intelligent electrical architecture, announced that it had achieved the solid-state digital control of electricity “in every device, appliance, power cord and endpoint” with its patented Amber AC/DC EnablerTM and Amber AC SwitchTM technologies.

Now, the company says that it has signed a Letter of Intent and six Memorandums of Understanding with leading global electronics manufacturers to explore product, scoping, development, and contract terms. The company has also said that it has completed solid-state-based, full functional demonstration models for a range of categories that include smart outlets, smart programmable retrofit circuit breakers, and multi-function capacitive touch smart dimmer switches.

“The combination of our internal and partner aligned development initiatives are re-inventing a foundational technology that hasn’t changed materially in over 50 years, and this is happening faster than anyone would have thought possible a few years ago,” said Amber Founder, President and CEO Thar Casey.

The company has five patents secured, with 36 more filed to cover both potential hardware and software applications. According to Amber, this portfolio of products is “going to disrupt the global electrical and powered products industries by enabling robust integration of advanced artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity in any electrical product that requires AC to DC conversion or AC switching,” Casey added.

It is the inclusion of any electrical product in particular that has piqued the interest of industry analysts and commentators who believe that Amber is claiming that it has achieved the complete digital control of electricity.

At the core of Amber’s innovations is a programmable solid-state power system, with a clear path to the development of a silicon chip. This system controls the flow of electricity and digitally enables the integration of unique intelligence for the building of electrical products, applications, and infrastructure.

“Much like the way the modern smartphone has combined countless communications capabilities into a single product, Amber-enabled solutions can integrate virtually any, and multiple, IoT sensors or tools," Casey explained. The company explains that its solution will introduce a safer, more reliable, and smarter functional alternative to the “1970’s era” electro-mechanical components that are today’s standard for electrical infrastructure products.

"We will enable a giant leap forward in the intelligence that can be delivered into buildings, on the back of the electrical infrastructure. Amber’s secret sauce is its ability to digitally regulate power while housing software programs and machine learning algorithms in a solid-state architecture,” Casey concludes.


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