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Mr. Christopher Brooks Richardson

Founder/CEO/Principal Engineer
Power Induced Design

I'm a native of Baltimore, Maryland, USA. I studied electronics engineering at Virginia Tech, where I got started in power electronics by working as an undergraduate laboratory assistant at the Center for Power Electronic Systems (CPES). I also worked on the university's hybrid electric vehicle team. From there, I started working at National Semiconductor developing DC-DC control IC's in 2001. While at NSC, I discovered the world of high power LED's, and developed several LED driver IC's. In 2008 I had an opportunity to move to Spain as a Field Applications Engineer. I held several positions at NSC in Europe until the merger with Texas Instruments. While at Texas Instruments I worked or more AC-DC power supply support and design. In 2013 I started my own electronics consulting, business, Power Induced Design. I have several regular clients, and I'm always open to new and interesting consulting or contracting possibilities.

Articles of the author

The PFC converter is the base of the “power pyramid” of an AC-DC power supply. (©StockGood -

Control loops and startup for PFC converters

The power factoring correcting (PFC) converter does not often get a lot of love or attention. For low and medium power levels (let’s say up to 1000W or so), a suitable reference design is often copied and then little time is budgeted for testing and proving it. Yet this part of an AC-DC power supply unit (PSU), is the base for the rest of the design.

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