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Prof. Dr. Philippe LADOUX ♥ Power & Beyond

Prof. Dr. Philippe LADOUX

Laboratory of Plasma and Energy Conversion (LAPLACE) - University of Toulouse

Prof. Philippe Ladoux was born in 1963. He received his engineering degree from the Institute of Engineering “ENSEEIHT” of Toulouse in 1987 and his PhD in Electrical Engineering from the “Institut National Polytechnique” of Toulouse, France in 1992. In 1994, he joined the Static Converters Research Group at LAPLACE (Laboratory of Plasma and Energy Conversion ) in Toulouse, for which he was Manager from 2001 to 2009. He is currently Professor at the “Institute of Engineering “ENSEEIHT” in Toulouse where he teaches Power Electronics. His research interests are Multilevel Converters for High Power Applications. The fields of application are Railway Electric Traction as well as Medium and High Voltage Power Systems. Prof. Philippe Ladoux has a strong experience of collaborative research with academic and industrial partners both at national and international levels. He is also involved in the steering committees of the international conferences SPEEDAM and ESARS and in the board of directors of PCIM Europe.

Articles of the author

Currently, new micro-grids concepts at medium-voltage direct current (MVDC), are emerging. The same concept can be envisaged for railway electrification. (Source: Srdjan Randjelovic - AdobeStock)

The solid state transformer - an essential device in the evolution of DC railway electrification systems

Currently, electrical network, research laboratories operators and electrical equipment manufacturers are considering the use of direct current in electrical power distribution. In fact, renewable energy sources and associated storage devices are easier to integrate into a DC grid. Thus, new microgrid concepts are emerging with medium voltage direct current (MVDC).

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