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Apr 4, 2023

Ceramic Dental Solutions

Tooth replacement with biologically sound implant materials continues to grow in popularity. Accordingly, the demand for a suitable alternative to titanium alloys is increasing. Thanks to the excellent biocompatibility and enhanced aesthetic outcome, more and more implantologists and patients show a preference for ceramic implant materials.

As a world innovation leader for advanced ceramics, CeramTec can help you to find the right solution and to achieve the desired level of differentiation. We are drawing on more than 30 years of experience in dental applications and specialist know-how in ceramics. 

Choose your Best Option to a Ceramic Implant System

Customized Solutions

From customer-specific implant designs, whether one-piece or two-piece, to ceramic abutments, CeramTec can offer you an appropriate solution.

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Your Design. Our Connection.

Customize your titanium implant design to be used with ceramics and create your own two-piece ceramic implant solution with our proven internal VICARBO® connection.**

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White Label Offer

Expand your dental portfolio with an established, ready to market two-piece ceramic implant system and accelerate your entry into the ceramic dental market.

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For distributors, dentists and clinics: The ZERAMEX® XT is a two-piece, 100% metal-free ceramic implant which offers high prosthetic flexibility and five years of clinical experience.

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Over 30 Years of Experience with Dental Ceramics

  • ISO 13485 certified
  • Specialized knowledge in development and production of advanced ceramics (ATZ, TZP, ZTA)
  • Extensive manufacturing know-how including ceramic injection molding
  • Uncompromising quality management
  • High volume production capabilities
  • Partnership and services - supporting you every step of the way

Ceramic Materials in Dental Technology

The Biocompatible Choice

For many patients, the choice of a natural material is a high priority in dental implantology. While titanium is a functional choice for dental implants, some patients develop adverse reactions to metals1,2,3 or experience a discoloration of the gums4,5.

Ceramic implants are 100% metal-free. Therefore, dental professionals may find a viable solution with ceramic dental implants1,2 for their patients with metal sensitivity. Ceramics show excellent biocompatibility6,7,8 and are chemically stable in a physiological environment9. They are unlikely to trigger inappropriate immune reactions after implantation.6,7,3

Natural and Aesthetic

Ceramic materials come in different shades of white mimicking the natural colouring of the tooth. For patients with thin gums, there is no risk of grey colouring shining through (tattooing) as it can occur with metal implants4,5. Ceramic materials do not release metal ions, and therefore do not cause grey stains along the gumline10. The most commonly used materials for dental implants are Zirconia (TZP) and Alumina Toughened Zirconia (ATZ) ceramics. 

With ceramic dental implants in your portfolio, you can offer your customers a natural and hypoallergenic choice of dental implants for excellent aesthetic results.

Less Bacteria Adhesion on Ceramics

Studies have shown that ceramic surfaces have low potential of bacterial colonization. The reduction of peri-implant plaque formation may simplify hygiene for the patient and prevent gum inflammations.11,12,13

DENSILOX® - biologically sound and natural

Information for Download

Take home the basics about DENSILOX® and our ceramic materials. 

DENSILOX® – Material Information3,

DENSILOX® Manufacturing Expertise,

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