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Control loops and startup for PFC converters

Vorschaubild_Control Loops and Startup for PFC Converters

Learn why the control loops of most PFC converters are overlooked and how a small amount of time spent early in design and testing the control loop can save plenty of headaches and get the first stage of your power supply working optimally.

If we thought of an AC-DC power supply as a pyramid, then the base would be the first stage, and this is almost always a power factor corrector. This paper explains why rather than trusting the basic formulas or copying reference design values for the control loop compensation, some time and effort spent on testing and tuning the control loop will not only ensure the best line and load transient response, but will also ensure that self-starting PFC's start up smoothly and reliably.
This whitepaper explains:

  • Why the PFC and its control loop are often overlooked
  • Why Type I compensation is not the best choice
  • Designing and implementing a Type II compensation
  • Line and load transient responses comparing Type I and Type II
  • Self-startup with a slow Type I vs. a tuned Type II

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Vorschaubild_Control Loops and Startup for PFC Converters


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