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NEWS Dr. Gunther Kegel is the new ZVEI president

Editor: Jochen Schwab |

ZVEI has a new president, Gunther Kegel succeeds Michael Ziesemer, who has held the position since 2014. Kegel considers climate change, in which the electrical industry plays a major role, to be one of the biggest global challenges.

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Gunther Kegel is the new ZVEI President.
Gunther Kegel is the new ZVEI President.
(Source: ZVEI / Alexander Grueber)

"We are facing the great challenge of successfully mastering climate protection and digital transformation," says Dr. Gunther Kegel, the new ZVEI president, who has been entrusted with this office by the ZVEI executive board for three years. He succeeds Michael Ziesemer, who served as ZVEI president from 2014 to 2020.

For Kegel, the electronics industry is more important than ever today: "Only through consistent electrification and digitization can we successfully master these far-reaching changes. Climate change must be countered globally - but not so much by doing without, but rather with technological innovations: "We must put the mechanisms of the market economy at the service of ecology to achieve the energy turnaround and initiate a circular economy," demands Kegel, who also sees politicians as having a duty: "Climate protection policy is most effective if it specifically promotes innovations that lead to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions in all climate-relevant sectors.

Implementation must be given greater focus and thus sustainably strengthen the production location - Europe-wide. This is the only way to guarantee Europe's future viability and international competitiveness in a world policy that is coming to a head: "If Europe wants to hold its own between China and the USA, it must position itself clearly, speed up its pace and secure its technological sovereignty in key areas without acting in a protectionist manner". Then it would also have the chance to become the leading provider for digital electrification and efficiency.

In order to achieve these goals, he said, well-educated and highly qualified young engineers are needed to deal with the world's pressing problems: "We need to emphasize even more strongly how meaningful an engineering career is to get young people excited about MINT professions from the very beginning. Those who choose to study engineering can make an important contribution to decarbonization in all climate-relevant sectors," Kegel is convinced.

Kegel has been a member of the ZVEI board of directors for 22 years. From 2007 to 2019 he was chairman of the board of the ZVEI Automation Association. Kegel is chairman of the board of Pepperl+Fuchs SE.

New elected vice presidents

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  • Cedrik Neike (Siemens)
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  • Dr. Wolfgang Bochtler (Mektec Europe)
  • Daniel Hager (Hager)
  • Daniel Hager (Hager)
  • Udo Possin (ml&s)
  • Thomas Quante (Bosch)
  • Georg Walkenbach (Beurer)