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Five Steps to Quick and Efficient Design



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A known problem for electronic developers: No matter what they develop, nothing works without current and voltage. Learn how to create a customized and reliable power supply in just 5 steps and what tools are available.

Developing a power supply gives the impression of opening Pandora's box. Answering the first question immediately leads to several more. The requirements for the architecture of power supplies are high. But typically, most electronics designers have little experience when it comes to power supply designs.

In recent years, partial automation solutions and new auxiliary tools have emerged that are easy to use and greatly simplify power supply design. This can speed up the development process, save costs and significantly improve the quality of the power supply.

The white paper shows five steps to develop an optimized power supply and presents useful auxiliary tools that significantly simplify the individual steps:

  • Creating the power supply architecture with LTpowerPlanner as an optimization aid
  • Selection of integrated circuits for the respective DC/DC converters
  • Circuit design of the individual DC/DC converters with LTpowerCAD as a valuable calculation tool
  • Simulation of the circuit in the time domain with LTspice as simulation tool
  • Checking the hardware in reality

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