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Frequency control and inertia provision with UPS

PCIM Best Paper Awards Winner_Mario Schweizer


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The modern power grid requires PE-interfaced assets to provide ancillary services. This withepaper explains how UPS systems can be made ready to participate in reserve markets and create revenues for the asset owner.

In several countries, grid operators have started to introduce novel reserve market products that are technology-open and allow power electronic converter interfaced assets, such as BESS or UPS systems, to provide ancillary services. In this paper, the provision of frequency control and virtual inertia with a double conversion UPS is demonstrated. A novel control algorithm is presented that emulates inertia accurately without calculation of the frequency derivative. The algorithm is tested in the laboratory on a 250 kW unit of ABBs recently launched modular UPS system MegaFlex.


This whitepaper explains:

  • Which reserve markets are attractive for UPS systems
  • Which control features are required to participate in reserve markets
  • How UPS control can easily be modified to provide ancillary services
  • How to provide frequency support and virtual inertia

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PCIM Best Paper Awards Winner_Mario Schweizer


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