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E-MOBILITY hofer powertrain presents the fastest rechargeable battery technology for the BEV

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hofer powertrain, a development and technology partner specializing in efficient powertrain solutions, announces the launch of a advancement in electric vehicle (EV) technology – the ULTEVATE Ultra battery module. This breakthrough represents a significant leap in the realm of ultra-fast charging.

The ULTEVATE Ultra battery technology represents a significant leap in the realm of ultra-fast charging.
The ULTEVATE Ultra battery technology represents a significant leap in the realm of ultra-fast charging.
(Source: hofer powertrain)

The ULTEVATE Ultra technology enables extraordinarily rapid charging. Vehicles can be charged from a state of charge (SOC) of 5 % to 85 % in just five minutes and to 100 % in eight minutes. A remarkable advantage of this system is that despite its high charging power, it generates very low heat and does not require active cooling. This feature makes it not only more efficient but also less maintenance-intensive and more durable compared to currently known battery technologies. With a charging current of up to 1140 amperes and a high charging power of over 1 Megawatt (MW) at the vehicle level, the module represents a revolutionary step.

"We always strive for the optimal power-to-energy ratio for our customer projects. Our goal is to continuously increase the energy content of a traction battery while simultaneously increasing the charging power," explains Gerold Sluka, Managing Director of the Battery Development division at hofer powertrain.

(Source: hofer powertrain)

The development of the ULTEVATE Ultra system is particularly relevant in view of the increasing spread of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. In the coming years, it is expected that Megawatt Charging stations will become more common, enabling the charging of passenger cars at such stations and representing a paradigm shift in the automotive industry. As the currently fastest rechargeable battery technology for BEVs, ULTEVATE Ultra offers OEMs the opportunity to bring the most innovative EV drive and battery solutions to mass production much faster. hofer powertrain has gathered strong experience in developing similar technologies that enable charging of batteries in less than ten minutes. These technologies are already successfully supporting customer projects in the area of fast-charging and becoming increasingly popular. The new development promises to fundamentally change the way we use electric vehicles.

Prof. Dr. Kai André Boehm, battery expert at hofer powertrain, emphasizes: 'We focus on efficient, robust, and safe solutions to maximize technical progress. Our development foresight is based on the continuous exploration of new cell chemistries and cell manufacturers, in order to offer our customers future-proof technologies that can be specifically transferred into series in line with customer timelines.”

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