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How to increase high reliability operation for power devices



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This paper will give you an overview on materials to increase reliability through better heat dissipation, thermal management as well as insulation.

Increasing the operating temperature of power devices in automotive applications not only improves the power density but also simplifies the cooling systems. The development of compound semiconductors such as SiC, GaN, and GaO, which allow for higher operating temperatures over 200 °C, accelerates this trend. However packaging materials are not applicable to higher operating temperatures. In particular, die bonding material and insulation materials suffer from severe thermal strain. Therefore Showa Denko Materials has developed and is continuing the deployment of newly developed Cu paste material, High heat Polymide-Imide material as well as Epoxy molding compound.

With this product note you will understand:

  • How to achieve a very high bondability and increase in power cycling capability with Cu paste
  • How to achieve high adhesion inside your power semiconductor package using a PI-Imide coating
  • How to achieve low warpage and low stress for your power device using a high Tg Epoxy molding compound

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