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Koki Company Limited - A Global Manufacturer and Supplier of Soldering Materials -

With a history of nearly 60 years, we as a group of professionals in soldering industry, develop high-quality cutting-edge soldering materials, manufacture in four locations worldwide, and provide our products to over 50 countries through our distribution channel.

Product lineup:

Soldering materials for SMT

  • Solder paste - Halogen free, Powerful wetting, Ultra-low voids, Various alloy compositions
  • Liquid flus for wave / selective soldering - Rosin-type high-wetting, Low solids, Halogen free, VOC free
  • Flux cored wire solder - Powerful wetting, Low silver content, longer tip life
  • Heat-curable adhesive - for printing / dispensing, Non-dangerous goods
  • 3D assembly materials - PoP solder paste, Tacky flux for PoP

Joint material for Power Semiconductor Devices

  • Solder paste that requires no-cleaning

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