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Magnetics Solutions for Power, EMC & Signal Line Designs


Find out how to meet demanding safety, power efficiency and high reliability requirements in today’s advanced power, EMC and signal line applications in a helpful new eBook.

Over the last decade, the global semiconductor industry has continually developed significant advancements in integrated circuits (ICs) for power conversion applications. Because these new ICs offer higher switching speeds and reduced switching losses, they are driving demand for equally significant power, signal and EMC magnetic component advancements. With continued magnetics innovation, engineers will be able to satisfy ongoing high reliability, safety and isolated communications requirements in battery-powered vehicles, communication networks, renewable energy infrastructure, next-gen cloud computing and IoT applications.

In a new eBook from Bourns, Inc., circuit designers get a useful resource to find solutions that help them meet the latest technical challenges. In the eBook readers will learn about multiple power conversion solutions for designs such as

  • high-voltage Battery Management Systems (BMS),
  • on-board and off-board charging for Li-Ion batteries,
  • DC-DC conversion systems,
  • next-generation computer memory modules with power management requirements,
  • advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS) and smart connected appliances.

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