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RISC-V Mouser Electronics presents new RISC-V resource page

Editor: Johanna Erbacher

Mouser Electronics, Inc., an authorized semiconductor and electronic component distributor focused on new product introductions from its leading manufacturer partners, has created a new resource site dedicated to RISC-V, an open source Instruction Set Architecture (ISA).

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Mouser Electronics presents a new resource site dedicated to RISC-V.
Mouser Electronics presents a new resource site dedicated to RISC-V.
(Source: Mouser Electronics)

RISC-V offers exceptional freedom for extensible hardware and software on architecture, as it is unconstrained by proprietary architecture standards. The open source ISA is a key factor in the continued development of revolutionary technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, and the . RISC-V is supported by a worldwide community that believes in the sharing of ideas inherent to the open source vision.

According to Mouser, it's new RISC-V resource site features articles on several innovative uses of the technology, such as internet-connected AI facial detection, open source security, and flexible processor design. The site also explores some of the key strategies used in RISC-V development, and includes videos and product information for RISC-V-based development kits.

Selection of RISC-V-based devices

The company offers a broad selection of RISC-V-based devices, including the Microchip Technology PolarFire SoC FPGA Icicle Kit. The kit is a low-cost platform that enables reliable computing for applications including industrial automation, IoT devices, and automotive applications. The Terasic Technologies T-Core FPGA MAX 10 development board is a robust hardware design platform that supports protocol bridging, analog-to-digital conversion, and motor control drive.