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SOLAR INVERTERS Navitas and KATEK accelerate solar adoption with higher efficiency and lower costs

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Navitas Semiconductor, and KATEK GROUP announce that KATEK’s coolcept fleX family of Steca solar inverters have adopted new, leading-edge GeneSiC power semiconductors for improved efficiency, size, weight and cost, with significant market size expansion.

Navitas’ GeneSiC silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs simplify design, expand market size for 4.6 kW KATEK solar inverters.
Navitas’ GeneSiC silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs simplify design, expand market size for 4.6 kW KATEK solar inverters.
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Installed solar power capacity is expected to exceed that of natural gas in 2026, and of coal by 2027, becoming the largest in the world, a 3x increase in installed capacity from 2022-2027. The global levelized cost of electricity from solar is now 40 % lower than coal and natural gas.

Silicon carbide (SiC) is a new ‘wide bandgap’ power semiconductor material that is rapidly replacing legacy silicon chips in high-power, high-voltage applications such as renewable energy, energy storage and micro-grids, EVs and industrial applications. GeneSiC ‘trench-assisted planar-gate’ SiC MOSFET technology delivers no-compromise. high-temperature, high-speed performance, resulting in up to 25 °C lower case temperature, and up to 3x longer life than alternative SiC products. With the highest-published 100 %-tested avalanche capability, 30 % longer short-circuit withstand time, and stable threshold voltage for easy paralleling, GeneSiC MOEFTs are ideal for high-power, fast-time-to-market applications.

Steca – A KATEK Brand – is a pioneer in the renewable energy industry and develops power electronics for grid inverters and energy storage as well as control technology for photovoltaic systems and fuel cell systems. The Steca coolcept fleX model solar inverter converts DC power from a string of solar panels into 4.6 kW AC power for use in the home, returning to the grid, or being stored locally for later use – to smooth demand and/or support power during an outage.

“Next-generation GeneSiC technology has enabled a major step in system performance without compromising our high engineering standards, especially regarding EMI,” said Dr. Peter Grabs, KATEK’s Director of Innovation, Research and Development. “Navitas’ excellent quality – with zero failures – and consistent, short lead-time delivery are critical success factors as we expand production into new markets.”

Each 4.6 kW Steca coolcept flex inverter uses 16x GeneSiC G3R75MT12J SiC MOSFETs. These 1,200 V, 75 mΩ-rated devices are used in a two-level converter, with bi-directional boost converters and an H4-topology for AC voltage output. Increased switching frequency shrinks the size and weight of ‘passive’ components, which optimizes the KATEK unit in size and weight compared to legacy silicon-based inverters.

“Navitas and KATEK are aligned in the mission to ‘Electrify Our World and accelerate the transition from 80 % fossil-fuel sources of electricity and uses, to 80 % renewable sources and electrical uses,” noted Dr. Ranbir Singh, Navitas EVP for the GeneSiC business line. “Both companies also share a focus on sustainability, in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.”


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