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MOSFET New 1200V aSiC MOSFET platform released for the automotive market

Author / Editor: Luke James / Florian Richert

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor releases new aSiC MOSFET technology platform featuring optimized temperature and switching behaviour for high-efficiency applications.

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New aSiC MOSFET technology platform for high-efficiency applications.
New aSiC MOSFET technology platform for high-efficiency applications.
(Source: Public Domain / Unsplash)

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor (AOS) is a designer, developer, and global supplier of a wide range of power semiconductors and integrated circuits (ICs), including MOSFETs. MOSFETs (metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors) are electrically controlled “switches” that are typically used to drive high power loads such as motors with low-power signals.

On May 19, the company announced the release of a new 1200V silicon carbide (SiC) aSiC MOSFET technology platform that could be a gamechanger for the industrial and automotive markets in particular. This is because, according to AOS, the next generation aSiC MOSFET technology will enable customers to achieve higher levels of efficiency and power density in contrast to existing Si solutions.

The aSiC technology has been specifically optimised to reduce both AC and DC power losses through a low gate resistance design combined with the low increase in on-resistance over temperature. This means that AOS’ aSiC technology platform can achieve the highest reported efficiencies across a broad range of application switching frequencies and temperatures. Thanks to this higher efficiency, manufacturers can benefit from significantly reduced capital expenses in terms of system costs and materials for industrial uses including charging systems and solar inverters.

The platform’s first product release is a 1200V 65m SiC MOSFET, the AOK065V120X2, available in a TO-247-3L package and designed to be driven with a -5V/+15V gate drive for ease of use. This ensures compatibility with existing high voltage SiC gate drivers, simplifying adoption and deployment. Other benefits that come with AOS’ aSiC platform include a robust UIS capability, enhanced short circuit performance, and a maximum operating temperature of 175 degrees Celsius.

Later this year, the aSiC MOSFET portfolio will expand to include a larger range of on-resistance and additional package options.