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AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY New generation of microcontrollers accelerates electrification and digitalization of the car

From Nicole Kareta

The future of mobility will be carbon-neutral, autonomous, fully connected and cyber secure. Microelectronics are at the core of this transformation. Infineon Technologies AG launches a new generation of its AURIX microcontroller family (MCU).

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The new AURIX TC4x family supports both e-mobility and the advancement of automated driving.
The new AURIX TC4x family supports both e-mobility and the advancement of automated driving.
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The TC4x series fosters the trends of e-mobility, advanced driver assists systems (ADAS), automotive electric-electronic (E/E) architectures and affordable artificial intelligence (AI) applications. Furthermore, its scalable family concept allows for a common software architecture enabling significant platform software savings.

“With the next-generation of the AURIX family, we lay the ground for the electric, intelligent and connected car of the next decade,” said Peter Schiefer, head of Infineon’s automotive division. “We are the number one partner in the fast-changing automotive world,” he added. “With our system knowledge, our passion for innovation and quality we significantly contribute to making cars environment-friendly, safer and more comfortable.”

Infineon’s AURIX has become the first-choice automotive architecture for high-growth and safety-critical applications such as powertrain, safety, assisted and autonomous driving as well as domain or zone control. Given the growing vehicle complexity and the enablement of AI implementations, significant focus has been placed on the AURIX TC4x ecosystem to ensure fast time-to-market and ease-of-use. With its scalable family concept, AURIX is a key ingredient for dependable electronics and software-based applications. Consequently, demand and revenues for AURIX microcontrollers are expected to grow strongly in the next years. For example, a leading European car manufacturer will have about 35 AURIX MCUs on-board a new car scheduled to be produced as of the middle of this decade.

The new AURIX TC4x family supports both e-mobility and the advancement of automated driving. It offers enhanced connectivity as well as advanced safety and security. Additionally, new SOTA (Software Over the Air) features help fulfill car manufacturers’ demands for fast and secure car-to-cloud connection, enabling updates in the field, plus diagnosis and analysis during vehicle usage.

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