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RENEWABLE ENERGY New modular DC/AC converters can scale for renewable energy

From Luke James

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A new range of modular DC/AC converters by Cotek Systems can scale for renewable energy applications in areas including telecoms, industrial, and datacomms. They are also capable of providing load splitting between AC and DC input sources.

Cotek modular inverter.
Cotek modular inverter.
(Source: Cotek)

The DC/ACDC/AC range of converters feature Modbus communication in addition to the simple network management protocol (SNMP). The RS-485 Modbus port enables users to control and monitor the likes of output power, voltage, internal temperature and other key parameters.

Cotek DC/AC inverter technical information

Designed for either 24V or 48V inputs, the 1600VA inverter modules and others in the series include a bespoke 2U sub-rack, a system controller, remote control options, and maintenance bypass switches. They have an 89 to 91 percent efficiency in DC/AC mode and provide line conditioning of the AC input supply, making them suitable for use in modern IT applications where the primary AC power supply can be both variable and non-sinusoidal, an example being that of a power generator.

The inverters can also be used as a DC/AC inverter where the input source is a DC or battery supply, and also as AC mode with DC back up with a transfer time of zero. They’re also capable of power share between the AC and DC sources.

For renewable energy applications, the inverter modules the inverters can also split the load between the AC and DC input source, where DC supply is not available all the time or where there is a low tariff AC source.

Scalable with up to 32 modules

Cotek’s inverters have been designed for use with the company’s 2U sub-rack. They can also be used as standalone units. Blanking units will provide support for unpopulated slots present for future scaling efforts. Sub-racks can be supplied with the SN-1 Plus interface for Ethernet support or CR-21 for programming at a local level. The SR-2Y2-Plus sub-rack is able to accommodate up to four SR-1600-Plus inverter modules, providing 1,600-6,400VA outputs with options for redundancy and upgrades.

The system is completely scalable with up to eight individual sub-racks for a total of 32 modules connected in parallel. In total, such a setup would be capable of supplying up to 51.2kVA.

Each DC/AC inverter measures in at a mere 105 x 83 x 405mm and is hot swappable in live systems for uninterrupted operation. This is ideal for applications in sensitive systems that must be regularly maintained and updated or upgraded.


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