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ELECTRIC VEHICLES New partnership to boost electric vehicle take-up in Europe

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ABB, a Swedish-Swiss electronics leader, and Taiga Motor, a manufacturer of 100 percent PWCs and snowmobiles, have partnered to enable the charging of the world’s first electric snowmobiles and pave the way for a more sustainable future.

Tiaga’s ‘Orca’ all-electric jetski. The powerful onboard computer behind Orca's dashboard shows riders the state of charge, as well as GPS mapping and several other features.
Tiaga’s ‘Orca’ all-electric jetski. The powerful onboard computer behind Orca's dashboard shows riders the state of charge, as well as GPS mapping and several other features.
(Source: ABB)

In early November, in an announcement that will please snowmobile fans, ABB, a Swedish-Swish electronics and transportation, announced a partnership with Tiaga Motors. As part of the partnership, ABB will be providing chargers to Tiaga Motors to sell with its line of electric snowmobiles, which are set to start being delivered in the next few months.

The partnership is about far more than the snowmobiles, though. It’s part of a wider plan to help boost sustainability and electric vehicle electric vehicle adoption in North America and Europe.

Pursuing a zero-emissions future

Canada’s Tiaga Motors is bringing to market a brand-new sporting experience through their development of the world’s first electric snowmobiles and watercraft. It goes without saying that performance and power are key in such applications, even in the recreational sports industry, and this is where the ABB-Tiaga partnership comes in.

Tiaga’s partnership with ABB will allow it to provide reliable, smart, and efficient charging solutions to its customers. ABB is providing Taiga with their compact Terra AC wallbox and Terra DC wallbox charging stations. The DC fast charger would provide a full charge to a snowmobile in about 40 minutes.

The Terra AC wallbox offers a space-saving design, simple installation, and ease of connectivity using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 4G, and more. The wallbox can be configured via a simple app or through ABB’s own web portal. As for the DC wallbox, this also offers an ultra-compact design, built-in connection to the ‘ABB Ability’ platform, and built-in safety.

These wallboxes, in addition to the deployment of ABB-powered weather-resistant charging stations, will provide convenience to riders of electric sports vehicles in harsh environments like ski-resorts and lakes.

It’s hoped that by providing easy access to charging solutions will encourage greater adoption of electric vehicles across North America and Europe.

In a news release, Samuel Bruneau, Chief Executive Officer, and Co-Founder at Taiga Motors said: “We envision a future where riders can explore the great outdoors without transporting fuel. Renewable powered batteries can be placed in remote areas to provide off-grid charging, so adventurers can simply plug in and go further than ever before.”

A significant impact

In terms of emissions, the impact could be quite significant should the partnership prove successful. For context, a single fossil fuel-powered snowmobile emits as many greenhouse gases as 40 passenger cars. This is according to Tiaga, which plans on delivering 2,000 electric snowmobiles and jet skis over the next 12 months.

“We are excited to play an integral role in making the rollout of the world’s first off-road vehicles a success while reinforcing our commitment to sustainability,” said Frank Muehlon, head of ABB’s global business for E-mobility Infrastructure Solutions.


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