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VR/MR/AR New power-saving infrared LED for VR/MR/AR applications

Editor: Johanna Erbacher

ROHM Semiconductor introduces a new ultra-compact side-emitting (side view) infrared LED, CSL1501RW. The device is ideal for head-mounted displays, industrial headsets, and VR/MR/AR (xR, virtual reality) gaming systems.

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ROHM introduces a new ultra-compact side-emitting infrared LED, CSL1501RW.
ROHM introduces a new ultra-compact side-emitting infrared LED, CSL1501RW.
(Source: gemeinfrei / Unsplash)

In recent years, VR/MR/AR technology, which has emerged following the continuing advancement of IoT, is being increasingly adopted in headsets and head-mounted displays within a variety of gaming systems. The ability to simulate 3D space and project data in the real world has expanded the market for VR/MR/AR applications in the industrial sector as well.

Parallelly, increasing application functionality has led to the use of infrared LEDs for eye tracking together with accelerometers commonly installed for detecting body movement.

In response, ROHM now offers a new ultra-miniature side-firing infrared LED optimized for today's needs – expanding its market-proven PICOLED™ series of ultra-compact chip LEDs, ideal for compact mobile devices and wearables,

The CSL1501RW delivers a peak wavelength of 860nm in an industry-small (1.0x0.55mm, t=0.5mm) side-view design that emits light parallel to the mounting surface, providing exceptional design flexibility. In addition, ROHM leverages its strengths in element manufacturing to improve luminous efficiency and reduce power consumption by over 20%. The device serves as a light source for eye tracking in VR/MR/AR applications that require greater performance.

Key features

  • Ultra-compact side-emitting form factor provides exceptional design flexibility
  • 20% lower power consumption over conventional products contributes to longer operating time
  • Achieves superior reliability in an Ultra-compact package

Availability: November 2020 (samples), March 2021 (In mass production)