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GAN TECHNOLOGY Nexperia launches its next generation GaN technology

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Nexperia has recently announced its next generation of 650 V gallium nitride technology. Nexperia is targeting high-performance application segment such as all-electric vehicles, data centers, industrial automation, and high-end power supplies.

With its next-gen 650 V GaN technology, Nexperia is targeting automotive, 5G, and datacentre applications.
With its next-gen 650 V GaN technology, Nexperia is targeting automotive, 5G, and datacentre applications.
(Source: gemeinfrei / Unsplash)

The GAN-041-650WSB package
The GAN-041-650WSB package
(Source: Nexperia)

In 2018, Nexperia broke ground in the world of gallium nitride (GaN) devices with its debut power field-effect transistor (FET). With a robust design and industry-leading capabilities in the automotive, industrial, and communication infrastructure markets, the GaN FET, along with a portfolio of other renowned products, helped the company grow exponentially in just a few short years. GaN is widely recognised as the successor to silicon (Si) because of the material’s wide bandgap, better thermal conductivity, and high heat capacity.

Now, two years on, the company is showcasing the next-generation of its GaN FET devices with superior switching, stability, and optimal cooling, the 650V GAN041-650WSB and the CCPAK1212. These properties make it ideal for use in the latest and future automotive applications.

The GAN041-650WSB features ultra-low reverse recovery charge and low total resistance for a drain-source of 35 mΩ RDS(on). This is critical in key applications such as automotive because it is possible for operating temperatures to rise, increasing the total drain-source resistance and hampering efficiency. It is packaged neatly in toe above TO-247 FET which enables devices to operate at high frequencies due to the high breakdown voltage and high current carrying properties.

GaN for the future of automotive

Nexperia’s ower MOSFETs are ideal for automotive applications and have been designed with these in mind. They are used throughout engine control units with Nexperia’s ARM MCU sitting at the core of the system, carrying out essential functions such as battery management and active safety. Implementing the 650V GaN FETs will reduce component count and result in a higher electric field, mobility, and reliability.

With the provision of GaN FETs over Si devices by developers such as Nexperia, EV developers have been able to increase vehicle range, improve fast charging abilities, and reduce power dissipation. As GaN technologies develop further, it is likely that the demand for automotive-qualified devices will grow and bring us more GaN-based FETs as developers begin to see GaN as the preferred technology for EVs.


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