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Parasitic turn-on of SiC MOSFETs-Turning a bug into feature



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Many publications have already dealt with the unwanted parasitic turn-on (PTO) of semiconductor devices and how to get rid of it. But in the same-titled paper, it was shown that high power applications may even benefit from a small PTO.

This paper shows, that the usually unwanted parasitic turn-on (PTO) in SiC MOSFETs does not always
need to be of a disadvantage. It is shown that a small PTO can even be used to lower the maximum
overvoltage at the body diode during the diode turn-off. In applications where this is the limiting condition for
the switching speed, this means that the SiC MOSFET turn-on can be accelerated leading to significantly
lower losses.

This paper contains:
  • Introduction
  • Measurement of the turn-on
  • Taking advantage of PTO in order to save turn-on losses
  • Using the full potential of PTO
  • Conclusion and Outlook

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