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PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARDS PCB Manufacturing: These are the biggest players

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Manufacturing a “Printed Circuit Board”, commonly called a PCB, requires multiple stages, cutting-edge machinery, and automation. The article names the top PCB manufacturing countries in the world based on statistics like market share, import-export numbers, revenue, industry valuation, and various other predictive outcomes. It also lists some top players (companies) that manufacture PCBs.

Find out more about the top players in the PCB industry.
Find out more about the top players in the PCB industry.
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Top PCB manufacturing nations

An Austrian inventor Paul Eisler developed the world’s first PCB in 1936- 87 years ago! After a few years, the technology was commercially available to the public. Fast forward to the 21st century, over a hundred million PCBs are expected to get manufactured in a year. The current PCB market stands at USD75 billion.

This graph shows an overview of the top 5 PCB Countries by Export.
This graph shows an overview of the top 5 PCB Countries by Export.
(Source: Venus Kohli)

The top PCB manufacturing country-wise breakdown seems to be a list of Asian-pacific countries. However, Asia dominates the electronics industry with some of the largest PCB manufacturing units. Out of North America, the USA (fifth position in the list) and Canada are major PCB manufacturers.

Some other established PCB manufacturing countries include Canada, Germany, France, the UK, etc. While Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, and Mexico are promising and growing hubs for PCB manufacturing companies.

1. China

  • China has been a big player in manufacturing PCBs for the past two decades.
  • The country accounted for 44% total share of PCB manufacturing in 2014 worldwide.
  • The Chinese PCB market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.7% up to 2027.
  • In 2021, China was the top exporter of PCB valued at USD24.4 billion.
  • Latest by May 2023, China accounts for PCB exports of USD1.4 billion and USD627 million in imports.
  • The reason for Chinese dominance in PCB manufacturing is high-end technology, availability of materials, and an affordable workforce.
  • Some Chinese PCB manufacturing Companies: Z.D.Y Group, PCBWay, Allpcb, etc.

2. Taiwan

  • Taiwan is a leading electronics hub and chipmaker in the whole world.
  • Closely competing with China, Taiwan is so far the second-largest PCB manufacturing nation with a production area of about 684 million sq ft in 2021.
  • Taiwan accounted for about 33% of the PCB market with 27 manufacturers occupying a major share.
  • In 2021, Taiwan accounted for USD6.69 billion worth of PCB exports and USD2.95 billion in imports to various countries like China, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia.
  • PCBs are the 10th largest most exported product in Taiwan.
  • Some Taiwanese PCB manufacturing companies: Unimicron Technology, Compeq Manufacturing Co. Ltd, Tripod Technology Corporation, etc.

3. South Korea

  • South Korea occupies the third position in the PCB manufacturing market.
  • The country has an advanced infrastructure and the right engineering talent to produce top-notch PCBs.
  • In 2021, South Korea exported PCBs worth USD5.77 billion.
  • In the same year, South Korea became the fifth largest importer of PCBs worth USD2.88 billion to China, Taiwan, Vietnam, etc.
  • By May 2023, South Korea exported USD393 million and imported USD209 million in PCBs.
  • South Korea manufactures a wide range of PCBs for consumer electronics, automotive, industrial, and various sectors.
  • Some South Korean PCB manufacturing companies: Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Korea Circuits Co. Ltd, BHFlex, etc.

4. Japan

  • Out of the Asia-Pacific region, Japan is the fourth country that exported PCBs worth USD3.41 billion in 2021.
  • Some reports suggest that the PCB market in Japan witnessed a dip in 2019, and again in Covid.
  • However, Japan recovered to stand at 17.2% of total PCB manufacturing revenue share in 2021.
  • By April 2023, Japan accounted for USD191.1 million in exports and USD93.4 million in imports in PCBs.
  • Nippon Mektron is among the world’s largest PCB manufacturers with a revenue of about USD2.43 billion.
  • Some Japanese PCB manufacturing companies: Ibiden Co. Ltd., Fujikura Ltd, Meiko Electronics Co. Ltd, etc.

5. USA

  • The USA is a big player in the bare PCB manufacturing industry valued at USD4.8 billion in 2022.
  • The country is the largest PCB producer in North America compared to Asian dominance, exporting PCBs worth USD923 million in 2021.
  • In April 2023, the USA exported PCBs worth USD97.2 million and imported USD207 million.
  • TTM Technologies is among the biggest PCB manufacturer in the USA with an annual 2020 revenue of USD2.21 billion.
  • Some American PCB manufacturing companies: Jabil INC, Plexus Corp, and Rush PCB Inc, etc.



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