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Performance of equalizer circuits for lithium-ion cells



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Nowadays the use of lithium-ion batteries is growing very quickly in numerous fields of application, including high performance electric vehicles as well as grid-tied power converters for the integration of renewable energy.

This paper proposes the analysis of the performance of two different architectures of Battery Management System (BMS). In particular, the passive equalizer circuit and an active one based on a Multiple Active Bridge (MAB) have been considered. The comparison has been performed in terms of equalization speed, power losses, complexity of both hardware and software implementation, size and cost. The different functionalities of the equalization process in both passive and active BMS have been verified in charging, discharging and idle state. Numerical and experimental analyses have been carried out to validate the performance of each equalizer circuit.

This paper contains:
  • Introduction
  • Proposed BMS Architectures
  • Comparison
  • Numerical Results
  • Experimental Results
  • Conclusion

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