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PRODUCT RELEASE Power Integrations releases efficient high voltage flyback switcher IC

From Luke James

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Power Integrations’ latest IC, the InnoSwitchTM3-AQ, targets automotive EV applications such as battery management, on-board charging, and energy management.

(Source: Business Wire)

Power Integrations, the world’s leader in high-voltage integrated circuits (ICs) for energy-efficient power conversion, recently announced the production release of its latest IC product offering, an AEC-Q100-qualified flyback switcher with integrated 750 V MOSFET and secondary-side sensing—the InnoSwitchTM3-AQ.

The new device family, the latest in a range of products by Power Integrations designed to play a key role in achieving a clean power ecosystem, targets critical EV automotive applications such as on-board charging (OBC), energy management DC/DC bus converters, and battery management systems.


InnoSwitchTM3-AQ uses the company’s high-speed FluxLinkTM coupling to achieve +/-3% accuracy for combined line and load regulation while simultaneously eliminating both dedicated isolator transformer sense-windings and optocouplers. FluxLink maintains output voltage even under the transient stress test, something which is challenging for PSR-based applications.

The flyback switcher’s integrated 750 V MOSFET also meets the most stringent automotive de-rating requirements, and an on-chip synchronous rectifier controller achieves 90% efficiency at 400 VDC input voltage. Furthermore, optimised InnoSwitchTM3-AQ designs achieve less than 10 mW no-load energy usage across the entire input voltage range. Packaged in a surface-mount InSOP with 11 mm primary to second creepage, the InnoSwitchTM3-AQ family exceeds the stringent requirements for high altitude isolation.

“The InnoSwitch3-AQ represents the highest level of integration for a flyback controller, resulting in automotive power supplies with the lowest component count and smallest PCB area. The high efficiency of the device across a wide load range means that it easily meets the automotive industry’s demanding thermal requirements,” says Edward Ong, Power Integrations’ product marketing manager.

The DER-840Q reference design incorporating the newly released InnoSwitch3-AQ flyback converter demonstrate start-up, shutdown, and efficient operation from 30 to 550 VDC input, as well as rapid transient response, and lots of safety protection features.


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