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Power Modules for Industrial Motor Drive Solutions



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This paper looks at the benefits of tandem diodes in sixpack and PIM topologies. The smart pairing of diodes with lower dynamic loss coefficients provides a cost effective alternative to WBG devices.

Costs are a concern in the market for industrial motor drives. Under pressure to minimize expenses, engineers need to find the right trade-off between energy system efficiency and affordable price in their designs. The efforts to reduce costs while pursuing an eco-friendlier path is giving rise to several trends in power electronic modules, for example, WBG based device solutions and alternatives such as tandem diodes.

But what are their merits in terms of cost and performance? What do power module solutions for industrial motor drives look like now? What is the shape of things to come? Seeking to answer these questions and prompt an open discussion about future solutions, this paper explores today’s realities and tomorrow’s prospects.

This whitepaper contains:

  • Proposing an optimized multisource chipset in accordance with motor drive specifications with the aim of offering cost-effective and highly efficient solutions
  • Importance of tandem diode concepts and their advantages for sixpack topologies
  • Future trends in power module solutions for motor drive applications

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