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QUANTUM COMPUTING Quantum ecosystem to humanize quantum technologies launched

Editor: Nicole Kareta

Strangeworks, Inc., a quantum computing software company dedicated to making quantum computing accessible, announced three key initiatives as part of its mission to foster a global quantum workforce, humanize access to quantum computing and streamline existing quantum production workflows.

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According to William Hurley, founder and CEO of Strangeworks, the quantum industry needs more collaboration, experimentation, and shared discoveries to help build the quantum workforce of tomorrow.
According to William Hurley, founder and CEO of Strangeworks, the quantum industry needs more collaboration, experimentation, and shared discoveries to help build the quantum workforce of tomorrow.
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Combined, Strangeworks' announced key initiatives provide scientists, researchers, software developers, and enthusiasts with a complete quantum ecosystem that includes a browser-based development environment, hardware, software, educational resources, and an ever-growing library of quantum code to start from:

  • Strangeworks QS (Quantum Syndicate) - Strangeworks QS is a collaboration of hardware, software, education, and cloud service providers that are working to develop the implementation and testing of new quantum technologies across all industry verticals to help quantum physicists, data scientists, educators and enterprise developers execute, validate, and benchmark current hardware platforms. This includes quantum computers based on super conducting, trapped ions, trapped atoms, annealers, and photonic technologies, among others. Collaborators include: 1Qbit, Algorithmiq, Amazon Braket, Atom Computing, Bleximo, Blueqat, D-Wave, Entropica Labs, Hitachi, Honeywell, Horizon Quantum Computing, IBM, IonQ, Microsoft, PlanQK, Qureca, Rigetti, Riverlane, Stack Overflow, Unitary Fund, and Xanadu.
  • Strangeworks QC (Quantum Computing) - Strangeworks QC is a free quantum computing ecosystem that enables researchers, developers, and enthusiasts to quickly learn, develop and manipulate real quantum code. With Strangeworks QC, users can easily create, organize, and collaborate on quantum computing projects and access libraries of code, frameworks, and languages, including the following: Amazon Braket SDK, Blueqat, Cirq, D-Wave Ocean, Forest, Jupyter Notebooks, Microsoft QDK (Q#), MyQLM, OpenQASM, ProjectQ, Python, Qiskit, Xanadu PennyLane, and Xanadu Strawberry Fields. Over the past year of beta testing, Strangeworks (in collaboration with members from Strangeworks QS) hosted over 20 educational webinars and 3 hackathons using the Strangeworks QC solution.
  • Strangeworks EQ (Enterprise Quantum) - Strangeworks EQ is a future-proof quantum infrastructure solution that brings the power of Strangeworks QC and Strangeworks QS together with enterprise features including granular security, IP protection, quantum machine access, resource aggregation, custom integrations, private deployments, team and project management, dedicated support, online training, and more. Strangeworks EQ allows organizations to simplify resource allocation for multiple user personas while facilitating credit, cost, and job management through their network of vendors, contractors, and partners. Available as a managed cloud, private cloud, or on-prem hardware solution for government and enterprise customers, Strangeworks EQ offers both classical and quantum integrations, as well as bespoke custom chip integration.

To support the development of a global quantum workforce, the platform comprising of these three initiatives lowers the barriers to entry for developers to explore the emerging quantum landscape, which is set to fundamentally change computing as the world knows it. Hyperion Research is projecting that the global quantum computing (QC) market - worth an estimated USD320 million in 2020 - will grow at an anticipated 27 % CAGR between 2020 and 2024, reaching approximately USD830 million by 2024. With its announcement, Strangeworks positions itself as the most inclusive source for quantum computing, bringing access to this emerging technology to everyone.

"The quantum industry needs more collaboration, experimentation, and shared discoveries to help build the quantum workforce of tomorrow, today," said William Hurley (aka whurley), founder and CEO of Strangeworks. "By bringing together an unparalleled network of providers with a hardware-agnostic, software-inclusive, collaborative development environment, Strangeworks provides everything needed for governments, universities, and enterprises to start building their quantum solutions today."

Strangeworks is based in the US, with a network of collaborators in institutions around the world. To support this global network, Strangeworks will expand its corporate footprint with an office in Munich Germany, the first in a series of new European Union offices. This expansion represents a key step forward in working with its existing and future syndicate members in Europe, and in providing industry leading solutions to its European customers.

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