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Renewable energies – chances & challenges for a clean future


Renewable energies – chances & challenges for a clean future


Welcome to Power & Beyond

Power electronics, distributed generation, microgrids, fuel cells and suitable storage will shape the future of clean, renewable energies. Experts will give insights into current status of renewable energies in power electronics.

With all the connotations of climate change and environmental issues, the future of energy is undoubtedly shaped by clean, renewable energies and by the reduction of CO2 emissions. The path to the future is already being taken: from centralized to decentralized energy production, from macro to microgrids, from AC to DC systems, from fossil fuels to renewables. Fuel cells and H2 will also play a dominant role.

The web conference will address these issues from a power electronics perspective and provide participants with a forum to discuss the associated opportunities and challenges with high-level speakers.

Main topics of the web conference:

  • Power electronics as key technology in renewables that determine the future energy landscape
  • Microgrids and distributed generation
  • DC- instead of AC-grids
  • Fuel cells, H2 production and energy storage
  • Power quality and measurements

Topic 1 - Renewable energies integration in the clean energy infrastructure

Renewable energies are the key sustainability driver for a cleaner energy grid. They can supply houses, factories, and electric vehicles with carbon free energy, but they cannot do it alone. Energy storage systems, solutions capable of storing and using the clean energy generated by renewables, are becoming the true game changer in the energy grid transformation. A complete clean energy infrastructure concept must be built, where power generation systems and users will talk together, where battery energy storage will enable the integration of solar and wind generation with ev charging utilization and where accurate and certificated energy measurements are required.

ADI solutions will be presented together with concepts to support the energy grid evolution into a clean energy digital infrastructure.

Topic 2 - Supporting climate-neutral energy advances now with state-of-the-art equipment

EA Elektro-Automatik is committed to supporting advances in climate-neutral energy through "green" sustainable test solutions. We have simplified testing of EV batteries and fuel cells with standalone regenerative DC electronic loads or with bidirectional DC power supplies incorporating regenerative loads. Our products can sink a remarkable 96% of the energy absorbed by the load and feed it back to the power grid. This energy-conscious approach to test saves utility costs and HVAC costs, reduces cooling fan size and noise, reduces cooling infrastructure for high power instruments and reduces overall impact on the internal test environment, as well as the larger environment as a whole.

The following important questions will be discussed:

  • What does the renewable industry evolution mean for society?
  • How will the AC grid morph into the eventual DC grid?
  • Will test equipment suppliers be able to support climate neutral manufacturing?
  • Why modern power supplies must be advanced enough to test EV batteries, H2 or NH3 fuel cells, solar inverters, wind turbines and other emerging renewable technologies.

Your speakers

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mario Pacas  (Moderator)

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mario Pacas (Moderator)

University of Siegen, Germany

Conor Power

Conor Power

Director of Energy business
Analog Devices, Ireland

Wolfgang Horrig

Wolfgang Horrig

Global Sales Manager
EA Elektro-Automatik GmbH & Co.KG

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