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Schunk Sonosystems GmbH

Feb 2, 2023

Technology from Schunk Sonosystems, Learn more about the versatility of ultrasonic welding

The use of ultrasonic welding makes it possible to firmly bond numerous materials with each other. The two biggest categories of materials in this context, however, are plastics and metals. As a rule, thermoplastic materials are well suited for ultrasonic welding; with metals it is particularly aluminum materials as well as copper and its alloys that can be bonded very efficiently and with a high degree of quality. Other metals such as nickel, gold and silver can be ultrasonically bonded; however, these tend to be special applications which require a precise analysis prior to the selection of the ultrasonic process.

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Oscillator system

The oscillator system consists of three components: converter, booster and sonotrode..

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Spot Welding

The most common application for ultrasonic metal welding is so-called spot welding.

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