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Figure 3: IoT development kits like ON Semiconductor's can simplify and accelerate concept development.
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How IoT is utilized to deliver energy savings

The Internet of Things (IoT) market continues to expand in terms of revenue and innovative capacity. The booming market open numerous possibilities for both companies and private people. However, there’s a flipside to this development too: it’s significantly contributing to our constantly increasing energy demand. Therefore, the IoT sector must become significantly better at energy saving.

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The TwingTec prototype T 28 measures three meters between the wings.
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Energy kites for green electricity

The energy revolution is here. You can feel it, or more accurately see it, in the air. Light “kites” on thin ropes can now convert wind energy to electrical energy. They might even come to replace traditional wind turbines. At least if we’re to believe the Swiss startup Twing Tec that recently ran a successful test on a pilot plant with energy kites. Let’s look closer into how this slightly unusual method for generating electricity works.

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