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Semiconductors: A Comprehensive Guide

Without semiconductors, the world would be a very different place; we would have no electronic hand calculators, microwave ovens, digital alarm clocks, cellphones, personal computers, electronically controlled transmissions, or washing machines.



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The eBook Semiconductors: a Comprehensive Guide is a tribute to the humble minerals that changed the world (and made eBooks possible.)
Apart from going through the basics of Semiconductors, the eBook Semiconductors: a Comprehensive Guide provides:
  • an in-depth treatment of the physics of operation of power semiconductor devices that are commonly used by the power electronics industry.
  • a walkthrough of the treatment of all types of power rectifiers and transistors.
  • a comprehensive description of a wide range of semiconductor materials and the developments of various materials and tools made of those materials
  • a thorough analysis of the Global Semiconductor Market, explaining where we are at and where we are headed.

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