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SiC power module for high-temperature automotive application

Wide band-gap power semiconductor devices such as SiC and GaN devices break thermal operating limits and switching speed limits of the Si semiconductors.



2.Winner_PCIM 2020
This paper presents a new power module technology suitable for automotive high power and hightemperature applications. SiC MOSFETs are sintered into to the LTCC substrate cavity using silver sintering. The LTCC substrate with semiconductors inside is soldered to Si3N4-AMB. The primary DC link RC-snubber, driver booster, and high current contacts are soldered on the ceramic stack, building an electrical interface to the system PCB. Subsequently, the ceramic stack is covered by a plastic frame, encapsulated with silicone and pressed between the heatsink and the system PCB. The paper shows a base plate free water-cooling concept using a 3D printed aluminum heat sink with an ultra-short thermal path to coolant. The comprehensively designed 3D layout of power and control loops results in oscillation free switching of 160 A at 750 V DC link voltage with rise-times below 15 ns.

This paper contains:
  • Introduction
  • Power module design concept
  • Power module design
  • System integration design
  • Manufacturing steps
  • Clean signal strategy for double pulse measurement
  • Determination of DC link inductance with distributed DC link capacitance
  • Comparison with classical wirebonded
    power module
  • Conclusion and further steps

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