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ELECTRONIC DESIGN AUTOMATION Siemens extends leadership in EDA design-for-test with the launch of Tessent RTL Pro

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Siemens Digital Industries Software unveiled Tessent™ RTL Pro, a software solution developed to help integrated circuit (IC) design teams streamline and accelerate a broad array of critical design-for-test (DFT) tasks for their next-generation designs.

The Tessent RTL Pro extends the Tessent portfolio’s design editing capabilities.
The Tessent RTL Pro extends the Tessent portfolio’s design editing capabilities.
(Source: Siemens)

As IC designs continue to grow in both size and complexity, engineers must identify and address testability issues at the earliest possible stages of design. Siemens’ Tessent software enables the analysis and insertion of a large majority of their DFT logic very early in the design flow, performing quick synthesis and then running ATPG (automatic test pattern generation) to identify and address outlier blocks and take appropriate measures.

Extending the Tessent portfolio’s design editing capabilities, Tessent RTL Pro automates the analysis and insertion of test points, wrapper cells, and x-bounding logic earlier in the design flow, which can shorten design cycles and improve the testability of their designs. Unlike other solutions, Tessent RTL Pro handles complex Verilog and SystemVerilog constructs while maintaining the look and feel of the original RTL design.

Enhancing testability of RTL structure

The new solution works with Siemens’ Tessent DFT tools to deliver industry-first functionality. Tessent RTL Pro enables analysis of RTL complexity and its adaptability for test point insertion, evaluating whether the customer’s RTL structure can be edited efficiently, which is a critical factor when adding test points throughout the design. This innovative functionality can help customers reduce their design turn-around-time and improve time-to-market.

Tessent RTL Pro’s "shift-left" functionality also helps enhance the ability of third-party tools to optimize area and timing when adding DFT logic prior to synthesis, leaving only scan insertion for the gate level. Design insertion happens at the RTL development stage, with RTL output, allowing seamless integration with third-party synthesis and verification software. In addition, RTL Pro generates design files that work with any downstream synthesis or verification flows, without requiring a closed-flow process.

“Tessent RTL Pro continues Siemens’ drive to provide the industry’s most advanced solutions to chip designers and DFT engineers for their design flows,” said Ankur Gupta, vice president and general manager, Tessent division, Siemens Digital Industries Software. “With the ability to analyze and insert wrapper cells, x-bounding logic, and VersaPoint test points at the RTL stage of design, customers can now extend their shift-left initiatives by substantially enhancing the testability of their designs.”

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