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AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY SIMPHERA simulation and validation solution receives certification according to ISO 26262


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dSPACE has received certification from TÜV Süd for its SIMPHERA software solution according to ISO 26262, a standard for safety-related systems. SIMPHERA is a cloud-based simulation and validation solution, used to validate functions for autonomous driving.

dSPACE is a provider of simulation and validation solutions worldwide for developing connected, autonomous, and electrically powered vehicles.
dSPACE is a provider of simulation and validation solutions worldwide for developing connected, autonomous, and electrically powered vehicles.
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Automotive manufacturers and suppliers worldwide can now exempt SIMPHERA from the qualification of their overall processes according to ISO 26262. They can focus on proving the functional safety of their own highly complex process chains. Just nine months after the SIMPHERA product launch, the certification was issued by TÜV Süd – an international, independent specialist in testing, inspection, and certification.

Following the successful initial certification, dSPACE and TÜV Süd have agreed to jointly develop a new procedure for the continuous certification of software products developed in an agile manner, such as SIMPHERA, according to ISO 26262. In this way, new features for the validation of functions for autonomous driving can be provided in short intervals in future, quickly and safely.

"We want our customers to be able to focus on their core competencies when developing applications for autonomous driving functions, and to use dSPACE's tools with the certainty that the functions developed with them will meet the highest industry standards in terms of functional safety," said Tino Schulze, Executive Vice President Automated Driving & Software Solutions at dSPACE.

SIMPHERA, the web-based, highly scalable cloud solution from dSPACE , lets users perform the computation-intensive validation of functions for autonomous driving quickly and easily, supports collaboration of development teams that are distributed worldwide, and lets customers seamlessly integrate their applications. Reusable models, scenarios, tests, and interfaces allow for continuous testing on software-in-the-loop (SIL) and hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) platforms.

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