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Stationary energy storage systems



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To reduce our carbon footprint by electrifying society, massive deployment of renewable energy sources has become mandatory. This requires grid-tied energy storage system to balance energy production and consumption demands, to help grid stability.

The current issue of our Energy Management dossier deals with opportunities and challenges related to the technical and commercial development of such energy storage systems as grid components. Topics include batteries and superconductors, cryogenic storage, battery system design, inverters, safety considerations – and a look to the future.

Here are some highlights:
  • Solar micro-inverters - using wide band gap semiconductors to optimize their design
  • A second life for EV batteries – maximizing their utilization by assembling them into reconfigurable battery systems
  • Using carbon-ion supercapacitors – with a practical method of achieving large-scale, high longevity and high power density energy storage
  • Building safety and reliability into battery energy storage systems - from initial design and creation, through manufacturing and operational life, to end-of-life recycling.

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