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AC/DC CONVERTER STMicro releases high voltage AC/DC converter IC

From Luke James

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STMicroelectronics has released a new generation of high-voltage AC/DC converter technology. Part of the VIPer series, it enables the design of fully protected and highly reliable power supplies that are suited to applications like AC-DC adapters for laptops.

The VIPer31.
The VIPer31.
(Source: STMicroelectronics)

VIPer31 is STMicro’s first converter that offers an 18 W flyback topology with an input mains range of 85 to 265 VAC.

As the latest offering in the company’s popular VIPerPlus family of integrated power converters, the new converter IC units are optimized for isolated and non-isolated buck, flyback, and buck-boost converters and offer considerable improvements over previous VIPer offerings, such as 18 W capability and 3.5Ω RDS(ON).

STMicro’s high-voltage VIPer power converters

STMicro’s VIPer high-voltage converter series is made up of monolithic ICs that integrate a PWN controller and a 700.V HV vertical power MOSFET. The VIPerPlus series features an 800 V avalanche-rugged power MOSFET and leading-edge PWM controller. It also consumes less than 30 mW at 265 VAC in standby.

To date, there are eight members of the VIPer31 Series. The VIPER317, 318, and 319 all have drain current limit protections of 710, 850, and 990 mA respectively. There are also X, L, and H variants with jittered switching frequencies of 30, 60, and 132 kHz respectively. The ability to choose between different jittered switching frequencies gives design engineers far more flexibility in EMI filter design.

In the VIPer series, the power section is built around an 800 V avalanche rugged MOSFET. This allows for an extended input voltage range and reduces the size of the DRAIN snubber circuit. In addition, fewer ancillary component requirements lead to a smaller bill of materials, which saves on cost while streamlining the design and manufacturing processes.

Applications and characteristics

The VIPer31 has been designed for and is targeted towards switched-mode power supplies used in applications including smart home devices, building automation, power adaptors, motor control, and home appliances. Over-voltage and under-voltage protection, soft start, short-circuit protection, pulse-skipping protection, and thermal shutdown are also built in.

The VIPER317 IC is available in a 9.9mm x 6mm SO16N package. Different grades of ECOPACK packages are available suit the varying levels of environmental compliance that different applications must meet.


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