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MARKET VIEW The startup Lapp Mobility expects strong growth for the upcoming year

Editor: Johanna Erbacher

Electric mobility is picking up speed, and this positive trend is also being felt by suppliers of electric vehicles. One of them is LAPP Mobility GmbH, which is expecting sales to increase by 20% in the coming year. The company's workforce has also grown by 12% and now stands at 74 employees.

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The startup Lapp Mobility, which is focused on charging solutions, expects sales growth of 20% in 2021.
The startup Lapp Mobility, which is focused on charging solutions, expects sales growth of 20% in 2021.
(Source: gemeinfrei / Unsplash)

LAPP has been developing and producing charging cables for electric vehicles for more than 10 years. Together with a partner, Siegbert Lapp, former Chief Technology Officer and present Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Lapp Holding AG, had the idea of selling a high-quality cable for the automotive industry. A state-of-the-art production facility was set up in Stuttgart and a comprehensive range of products for charging electric vehicles put together.

The business grew over the years, and when the newdevelopment of a highly variable charging solution that can be used around the world took it onto a completely new scale, the decision was made to establish Lapp Mobility GmbH. Today, a team of experienced automotive specialists and long-time LAPP specialists works on products and charging solutions that make charging simple, flexible and digital.

LAPP has already developed tailored charging products for the BMW i3, Hyundai Kona and the e-Caddy from Abt, as well as for carsharing provider Drive Now in Copenhagen. A charging system is also currently being produced for Jaguar Land Rover. “We supply our products throughout Europe,” says Hubbert, “and have already received major orders from the important e-mobility markets of Switzerland and Norway this year. We are already thinking about an additional production site in Eastern Europe.

”The product portfolio currently includes items such as the Wallbox Light. This is a mobile charging station that forms a flexible wall box in combination with a wall mount.It can be installed as a fixed charging station in the garage and, if required, can be released with an easy movement and stowed in the car boot as a mobile charging station. This mobile charging station with type 2 coupling and Schuko power connector canbe used to charge an electric vehicle from any household plug socket. The integrated control and protective device in the control box (IC-CPD) controls the charging system. The IC-CPD in LAPP's charging system meets the IEC 62752 standard and has four LEDs for displaying the charge level and indicating faults. “The IC-CPD is a mobile charging station that makes mode 2 charging much more convenient, turning the ‘emergency charging cable’ into a fully-fledged charging system,” explains Hubbert. Charging with16 amps and 32 amps is also possible using an appropriate power connector. This would enable power outputs of 11 kW and 22 kW, provided that an appropriate three-phase connection is available in the garage.

The Wallbox Light: the charging station at home and on the move.
The Wallbox Light: the charging station at home and on the move.
(Source: LAPP)

LAPP's product range also includes various mode 3 charging cables for the charging station. In addition to the smooth and spiral design, there is also the ‘king of charging cables’, the HELIX charging cable type 2 (up to 11 kW).With an extension length of5 m, it makes charging at public charging stations or wall boxes quick and easy. The HELIX’s 'shape memory' makes the cable much easier to handle: thanks to the tension of the cable, it automatically reverts to its original shape after charging. This means that users don't need to spend time rolling the cable up, they keep their hands clean and the cable can be stowed back in the car quickly and safely. With the same useful length, it is 40 per cent lighter than conventional coiled cables.

While LAPP exclusively targets B2B customers as the global market leader for integrated cable and connection technology solutions, Lapp Mobility GmbH also caters for B2C customers. This summer saw the opening of the company’s first online store for end customers, where electric vehicle users can order the desired charging solution themselves – from the suitable charging cable to the mobile charging station or Wallbox Light for the garage wall. “This not only generates additional business, but also allows us to exchange information and ideas directly with our customers, which is very important to Lapp Mobility,” says Hubbert. LAPP is additionally working in partnership with the online store