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There is no time for downtime in motor control applications

LIVE | 2023-10-17 | 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM CEST

Broadcom and EBV Elektronik take a look at the challenges that designers face when building a motor control system and demonstrate how they can help engineers build a safe, energy efficient and stable motor control system.

Electric motors are ubiquitous in industrial environments. Whether it is a DC type, an AC type or a special type like a stepper motor or brushless DC motor, electric motors play a vital role in the operation of motorized machines for a plethora of industrial automation, robotics, and control applications.

As industries worldwide gear up for Industry 4.0, there is a renewed focus on energy efficiency for electric motors, which places new technical challenges at the component level concerning power, size, performance, reliability, and safety.

Components like optocouplers, motion control encoders, and fiber optic solutions address various technical challenges faced by motor system designers today. The optimal use of these components to achieve the stringent requirements of motor control systems implies the consideration of following aspects, which will be highlighted in the web conference on October 17th at 2.00 pm CEST:

  • What are key considerations in isolation of the power switch, voltage and current sensor, and data communication circuits in motor control systems?
  • How to obtain high accuracy and bandwidth with isolated current and voltage sensors in motor control systems?
  • What are the key requirements in position and velocity sensing in motor control systems and how to gain this precise positioning?

Your Speakers

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mario Pacas

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mario Pacas

University of Siegen, Germany

Saeed Safari

Saeed Safari

Field Applications Engineer
Industrial Products, Broadcom Inc.

Milan Ivkovic

Milan Ivkovic

Director Segment Analog&Power, Technical Support Center Manager
EBV Elektronik

Bildquelle: Mario Pacas, Saeed Safari, Milan Ivkovic

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