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WBG-Devices - the gamechangers in high efficiency solutions


WBG-Devices - the gamechangers in high efficiency solutions


Reliable, highly efficient power conversion is crucial to meet the requirements of the energy transition and e-mobility. Experts will give insights into the current status of wide bandgap devices.

WBG components enable smaller, faster, more reliable power electronics solutions featuring higher efficiency than their silicon-based counterparts and provide thus a significant boost to innovation in power electronics.

WBG- technology is now available for the development of new products and systems. However, development engineers must become familiar with the promising applications, control technology, scalability, and other particular aspects for optimal use.

First-hand information from experts is, therefore, a valuable asset!

These are the central topics that will be discussed at the web conference:

  • How WBG technology transforms the e-mobility landscape, enabling a more extended driving range.
  • How reliable, smaller, and more efficient charging systems are also suitable for harsh operating conditions become feasible using WBG-devices.
  • How to obtain an optimized design of WBG converters with reliable and robust gate drivers featuring suitable insulation barriers and fault detection capability.
  • How the manufacturers face the challenge of supplying a broad portfolio of WBG Devices in a fast-growing market.

Part 1 (STMicroelectronics) - Transition to sustainable energy is spurring the deployment of wide bandgap semiconductors

Today's global issues involving energy transition necessitate tangible initiatives in the area of e-mobility and energy management to cater to the increasing demand of electricity and a more judicious use of resources. Such needs have spurred the introduction of new semiconductor materials such as silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN).

Energy conversion processes based on SiC and GaN allow for drastic overall efficiency improvements, safer operating conditions even under harsh conditions and a reduction in the size of electronic systems, therefore helping to significantly mitigate enviromental impact.

Longer driving ranges are also possible for electric vehicles (EVs) using a given battery pack in addition to less stringent cooling requirements when using SiC MOSFETs in the propulsion inverter. GaN transistors will help to build more efficient and lighter on-board chargers (OBCs) and create a new generation of small-sized ubiquitous power supplies such those used in the 5G wireless communication infrastructure. Advanced packaging concepts utilizing novel interconnect techniques and materials are also being introduced as ideal companions for these wide bandgap materials.

Part 2 (Wolfspeed) - Enabling power silicon carbide scale & scalability

To satisfy the unprecedented mutli decade demand for silicon carbide (SiC) power devices, suppliers not only have to have the correct scalability of product portfolio but also scalability of supply. Over the last several years we have witnessed the embracing of SiC in the SMPS and renewables space, and are now literally seeing the rubber hit the road in the EV space with just about every battery electric vehicle (BEV) manufacturer designing in SiC for both the on-board charger (OBC) and the drivetrain. Then you have to fast charge the vehicles, harness and process the energy to charge from renewable sources and store that energy. All this power can be converted more efficiently with SiC. As SiC means less inverter losses and hence higher efficiency for BEV drives that also applies to the industrial space too and with the ever increasing motor drive efficiency standards adding pressure to the motor drive design community we are also seeing SiC march headfirst into the huge industrial drive market too.

Unprecedented demand that needs satisfying from suppliers that can reliably scale across the complete SiC supply chain and anticipate the markets needs now and for many decades to come.

Part 3 (Analog Devices) - SiC made efficient, safe and easy

The adoption of wide bandgap materials such as silicon carbide (SiC) is quickly ramping up, but certain challenges associated with new technologies are still to be addressed. This presentation will focus on how the proper selection of the right isolated gate driver would allow to mitigate many of these concerns and make the user’s life much easier.

Namely, the presentation will focus on:

  • The drive strength and how it affects both the SiC switching characteristics and the gate driver thermal performances.
  • The fault detection systems and the fastest Short Circuit Detection schemes to make the converter reliable.
  • The isolation barrier robustness to dV/dt and Common Mode Transient Immunity.
  • The isolation barrier architecture and how it affects the gate driver robustness to catastrophic events.

The goal is to enable the attendees to grow in the confidence of adoption of SiC through the combination of the best power FET to the most suited gate driver

Your Speakers

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mario Pacas

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mario Pacas

University of Siegen, Germany

Guy Moxery

Guy Moxey

Senior Director Power Marketing

Maurizio Granato

Maurizio Granato

Strategic Marketing and Applications Manager
Analog Devices

Filippo di Giovanni

Filippo di Giovanni

WBG Strategic Marketing Director

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