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Würth Elektronik ICS GmbH & Co. KG

Würth Elektronik ICS

Würth Elektronik ICS (Intelligent Power & Control Systems) is a specialist and leading supplier for tailor-made electronic and electromechanical solutions. One of our product groups are our robust and reliable Power Supply Terminals, so called Powerelements, for printed circuit boards.

As the inventor of the Original Powerelements, we have been developing, processing and selling them for over 35 years. We draw on this experience and combine it with extensive competence and personalised project consulting to create custom-tailored added value that benefits customers such as yourselves in a range of ways.

  • Brand new! The first and only lead-free Powerelement range on the market: LF Powerelements
  • 2,000+ Powerelements: the largest portfolio on the market
  • Millions of units have been successfully implemented over the decades
  • Excellent electrical and mechanical properties
  • Numerous fields of application (power supply, electrical and mechanical connections, etc.)
  • Highest quality standards and IATF 16949 Certification

The Powerelements from Würth Elektronik ICS are robust, reliable Power Supply Terminals for PCBs. They impress with their high current carrying capacity, and are available for the following production methods:

  • Press-fit technology
  • SMT assembly
  • THT assembly

Customers can choose between standard products and customer-specific Powerelements - suitable for the individual application and its requirements. Customer-specific Powerelements are individually modified to your requirements - thus we have Powerelement solutions for many applications.

Note: All of our Powerelements are RoHS compliant. The lead-free LF Powerelements are RoHS compliant without the time limited exemption according to 6c. Our Original Powerelements with a lead content of max. 4% fulfill the RoHS conformity based on 6c.